“The Rebecca” – finishing of the top

With the plates tuned, we are ready to cut the f-holes (my favourite part of violin making) and install the bassbar (my least favourite part of violin making). To start with, we layout the f-holes and cut the “hole” part. The layout is very critical because of the relationship between the location of the f-holes and the location of the bridge.

Now we take a hand saw and cut out the f-holes leaving plenty of room for carving the final shape.

Finally, using very sharp knives, we cut the final shape of the f-holes until they are dimensionally correct and have an elegant flow of lines.

Next, we put in the bassbar. This operation is extremely critical to tone and so must be done in a very exacting manner. Its location is critical to bridge placement and it must fit exactly along its entire length. Notice the red chalk I use for fitting.

With the bassbar glued in, we shape it and tune the plate again (sorry I don’t have pictures of the tuning). Finally, we glue in some re-enforcing cleats and the top is done.

We are now ready to assemble all of the pieces.

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